Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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An enemy of adaptability is the way we think about change. It's very often viewed as a change from state A to state B, which has to be carefully prepared and controlled

  • to demonstrate very precisely the ROI to stakeholders
  • to respect social laws (ie France),
  • to
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We are wired to follow routines.  When something is working for us, we will continue to do it.  Adaptability requires  a lot of energy.  The pain of doing  things the same way has to be greater than the pain of change or we won't garner the energy needed to make...

By Deb Seidman on May 18, 2022

Company politics  and people's desires  to protect own turf. People deliberately stall or rubbish things which don't fit with their agenda.

By linda holbeche on May 17, 2022

Many in the organisation do not understand the basic need for change - without that education it will never happen.

By laura probert on May 17, 2022

The Rolling Stones sang about an Emotional Rescue - and I think HR needs to offer leaders an emotional rescue to help the profession find its roots again. I think a lot of CEOs and Board members are afraid of showing their "emotions" in the workplace / business world. We...

By Paul Deemer on May 16, 2022

Overstaffing.  Well meaning employees filling their time with things they have always done.  If you have a very lean function of very good people you can be sure that you only concentrate on those things that are vital to your organisation, and you make those things the most efficient they can...

By Viki Matthews on May 15, 2022

Our mental attitude towards change is limiting how organisations and individuals respond.  Organisation initiatives are positioned as 'change projects' - how many people genuinely are excited by change? For many change equals fear; if we fear something we generally resist it.  Within organisations, we build up the change project to...

By Belinda Kiely on May 15, 2022
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We have been biologically "programmed" to move away from the unfamiliar and back/ towards the safe/ familiar (also called "fight or flight").  Therefore our own thinking/ experience in a new situation/ change message is an enemy of adaptability. If we can work hard at changing the language we use when...

HR needs to be seen as a professional business function, but lack of confidence and not being seen as credible due to sometimes not feeling able to speak the language of business, or even worse not being interested in the business within which we operate, hinders adaptability.

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If you don't tell people they can make suggestions, changes, innovate, then they won't.  They will just do what they have always done and wait for someone else to come along and take the lead.  People need to given permission to adapt and then learn that they won't get a...

By Gemma Reucroft on May 13, 2022