Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Enemies of Adaptability

HR and Finance are coming from very different places. HR used to be welfare, payroll, pensions, industrial relations and other “people” stuff, while Finance used to be statutory accounting, tax, budgeting, treasury and other “number” stuff. In many organizations, both have now outsourced the transactional side of these tasks. At...

By Bjarte Bogsnes on May 29, 2022

Change needs trust.  Lack of trust affects collaboration and ultimately innovation.

By Janice Irvine on May 26, 2022
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Leaders are accountable for and measured mainly by the financials (by boards and shareholders) but not some of the fundamental factors that lead to long term sustainability of organizations.  eg. Building and engaging a sustainable organization culture/environment and customer base, Developing strong leadership pipelines, Leadership involvement and accountability in building...

By Tojo Eapen on May 25, 2022

Stress can escalate until your neck is sore, your heart is racing, and you feel overwhelmed. On

an average day, more than half of the workforce leaves work with neck pain, tired eyes, or sore hands.

Set against such a background, how can...

By Anne Murphy on May 22, 2022

Senior Management chalk out startegies and try to back it up with actions.Sometimes like in sports, the strategies and associated decisions don't deliver results.

It is in these moments the characterisitcs of true leadership and  organizational culture becomes visible. Most of the times the organization's leadership don't take responsibility for...

By Balaji O.S on May 22, 2022
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Ever talked to anyone who has tried to change a system from within?

Did you notice how cynical and burned-out...

By Luc Galoppin on May 20, 2022
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Legitimise thinking and dreaming - again: companies are often so focused on short-term, operational results that they forget what they are doing and why; everyone is busy but they forget what they are doing and why. We need to galvanise with powerful vision and people will move mountains to make...

When change is not systematic and process driven, change happens haphazardly without yielding expected benefits and usually leaving employees frustrated. This is primarily due to business leaders not having the competence to lead change effectively and as an organization not having a deliberate change management mindset. Companies who are deliberate...

By Madu Ratnayake on May 19, 2022
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Believing the future will be just a continuity of the past keeps companies in a risky comfort zone where changing is boring and meaningless.

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Research demonstrates that by bringing the feminine to organizational lens of leadership, along with the well-established masculine, we will create, sustain and encourage more adaptable organizational cultures. Feminine qualities are associated with good leadership qualities: Dependable and Reasonable, Long-term oriented, Collaborative, Adaptable, Flexible, Patient, Loving, Caring and Kind. The study...