Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Believing the future will be just a continuity of the past keeps companies in a risky comfort zone where changing is boring and meaningless.

Denial of the need to be constantly developing an agility advantage (it's the only competitive advantage which has any permanence - everythig else is temporary, increasingly quickly), in particular in good times when complacency, comfort and contentment creep in.  Until the next crisis shows up!  Denial becomes systemic when we aren't developing a system...

By Mike Richardson on May 17, 2022

Refusing to look outwards and seeing that by adapting to the situation limitless opportunities exist.

By Nicky Hillier on May 17, 2022
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It's human nature - particularly corporate human nature - to narrowly attribute success to ourselves and failure to others or to the impact of context. This impacts the speed of progress, positive change and adaptability; and from the perspective of HR professionals it makes it very easy to explain away lack of impact...

By Clayton Glen on May 14, 2022
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Here are some signs that organizations are not dealing well with external factors and complexity:

  • Organizations are internal facing and operate in their own bubble not a 'world bubble'.

  • Ignoring or misunderstanding signals received from the organization's

  • ...
By Keith Gulliver on May 13, 2022
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Adaptability is a habit that can be formed at the heart of who you are as an individual or as a value in an organisations cultural DNA. One of the enemies of forming the adaptability habit is to discourage the behavioural traits that cause us to question the status quo....

By Nigel Barron on May 12, 2022

What strikes me in Peter’s video is his recognition of two vital concerns: (a) our ability to easily add layers of complexity, and (b) our inability to remove unnecessary layers of complexity. This leads me to the notion of groupthink. Groupthink presents a major challenge because it is inevitably tied...

By Rob Koonce on May 11, 2022

Some people in the need to show adaptability as a part of Culture start using it to rationalise any act or action i.e wrong , unethical or not so correct and make temporary gains from it . Slowly when it surfaces CONTROL by leaders comes into play and leads to...

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"When we judge a new idea based on the paradigm of the old idea, we end up not seeing the potential in the new idea. We need to get better at recognizing ideas in front of us. Am I clinging to a bias or paradigm of the old,...

senior management perpetuates the structure. It works in a closed environment. "We ever did like that" or "why do we need to change / challenge"

Not open to a communication from bottom to top, despite the blahblahblah about 360° and other tools.

By Mina Goldfays on May 9, 2022