Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Sprint 1.2 is now complete. Read the synthesis of the enemies of adaptability discussion here.

During Sprint 1.1, the hackathon team collaboratively developed a comprehensive list of critical enemies of adaptability—the barriers that prevent our organizations from being as adaptable as they could be. We identified over 120 barriers during this sprint (To see the original instructions for Sprint 1.1, go here).

Sprint 1.2 is a short one-week sprint, ending on May 27. During this sprint, our goal is to prioritize the enemies of adaptability.

Here are your tasks for this sprint:

TASK 1: Read the introductory blog posts by Peter Cheese, Stephen Frost and Lynda Gratton.

TASK 2: Read through the list of enemies of adaptability contributed by the team during Sprint 1.1. Help us prioritize the barriers you feel are most critical by clicking on the “like” button. The more people who “like” a barrier, the higher it will rise in the priority list. You may “like” as many barriers as you want.

There are over 120 barriers, so if you don’t have the time to read them all, you may want to use the tags on the left side of the enemies of adaptability page to quickly find those subjects you believe to be most critical.

Feel free to build off the ideas of others. If you have additional ideas that further any of the enemies of adaptability you see here, please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section of each individual barrier page.

TASK 3: Help us synthesize the key themes from the enemies of adaptability sprints. Do you see barriers that all seem to fit together into larger categories or groupings? Do you see key themes or concepts that are coming up over and over?

We’d like to know what you see in the contributions we’ve collected during the past two sprints.

Help us synthesize the key themes from these sprints by entering your thoughts on this page.

This sprint ends on May 27.