Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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The enemy is a gremlin who whispers to all in roles of leadership, authority and power, eroding our faith and confidence, planting seeds of doubt and mistrust, "you should be rubberstamping that" "they shouldn't be doing that without your say so" "we need to measure the ROI on that" the...

By Kev Wyke on May 15, 2022

As many here have pointed out, there is a maturity continum that all HR organizations must grow through. It starts with a control and transaction based serivice model that only reacts to business.  Largely seen as a center of cost, the business sees little value in agility of a immature...

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Like other contributors centralisation is the enemy of adaptability, centralisation enables macro-level structures, networks and governance allowing top-down management to 'devolve trust'. Conversely, the same org factors create mistrust by smoothering the importance of relational, pyschological and social trust.

By Conor Moss on May 13, 2022
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Change involves taking calculated risks. Taking risks involves the possibility of failure. In an organisation where blaming and shaming is part of the culture, no one wants to take risks, making the idea of change an anathema.

By Angelle Bryan on May 10, 2022
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Leaders who are afraid to say "I'm sorry," or "I wish I had done XXX differently," set up and propagate a culture where CYA trumps actual innovative contribution. Change cannot occur without being a threat. Individuals who bring fresh perspectives are essentially squashed. If someone challenges this by being open...

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We are currently experiencing a crisis of trust in society at large where people have lost trust in many institutions following scandal after scandal. Trust is also an issue within our organisations with low levels of trust recorded in senior leaders in particular. If employees can’t or don’t trust their...

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All these are engrained into our vocabulary, but should be banished from the workplace:

'Knowledge is Power' - replace it with 'Knowledge Sharing is Power'

'Don't reinvent the Wheel' - If humans hadn't reinvented it we would still be relying on stone-carved wheels

'Every man and his dog wants input...

By Heidi De Wolf on May 9, 2022

Leadership and the environment that exists is simply full of Insecurity and self doubt . This leads to contamination , lack of transparency and distrust .Each one starts playing his own tune for himself .Not having sense of Purposeful Purposelessness in each one action is another big enemy of adaptability.