Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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The company has no purpose statement, or it has one turned towards shareholders or something like "beeing N°1". By lack of a correct purpose statement (Mission, Vision and Values that are engaging and crazy, epic enough to define a journey worth beeing followed), employees have no "box", no "why" to...

By Julien Pascual on May 16, 2022
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Here are some signs of a strategic-operational disconnect:

  • There is no clear, single direction for the organization, no shared vision.

  • Functions compete with each other and do not work as a team.

  • ...
By Keith Gulliver on May 13, 2022
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There's been lots of championing of decentralisation and multiplicity to create adaptability. Additionally and separately, I'd argue that what also stops an organisation being effectively adaptable is confusion as to what really matters in its activity and mission. Adaptability requires effort so we need to be excellent at knowing what...

By Paula Aamli on May 11, 2022

Leadership and the environment that exists is simply full of Insecurity and self doubt . This leads to contamination , lack of transparency and distrust .Each one starts playing his own tune for himself .Not having sense of Purposeful Purposelessness in each one action is another big enemy of adaptability.

When decisions are made with the mindset "how well will I do out of this"  "how good will I look" "how much can we save", "how much can I make", "how big can we get" "where do I want to get to next"

Reframe: "how can I be better out...

By Meg Peppin on May 8, 2022