Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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No Apologies

Leaders who are afraid to say "I'm sorry," or "I wish I had done XXX differently," set up and propagate a culture where CYA trumps actual innovative contribution. Change cannot occur without being a threat. Individuals who bring fresh perspectives are essentially squashed. If someone challenges this by being open and sharing such sentiments, they are attacked by a mob.

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Done authentically? Couldn't agree more. I've just written down from Gary Hamell's intro video a note about the importance of creating 'high trust, low fear environments - where people can try new things and occasionally fail'. So being able to say, 'that didn't go quite as planned' without being destroyed in a witch hunt is critical. And I can see that you're also referencing the deeper self confidence and humility to be prepared to go further than 'that was unfortunate' and actually commit to the phrase 'I was wrong'.

By contrast, sham apologies which are often done cynically and more properly belong in the school of CYA actually blame-shifting, just dressed up a little differently - magnify the problem...