Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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A community is a group of people, who deeply care about a common interest or purpose (achieving a resonating goal, belonging to something that matters, preserving something people love, sharing a particular worldview, or simply having fun). Some of its main characteristics are:

  • It emerges spontaneously (cannot be externally
  • ...
By Alberto Blanco on June 5, 2022
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I originally referenced this principle here ==> http://www.mixhackathon.org/hackathon/contribution/six-principles-adapta...

Set out below are a few more of my thoughts on this principle.

Adaptive organisations:

  • Have effective management information systems for rapid decision making

  • ...
By Keith Gulliver on June 5, 2022
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Corporate Social Responsibility unleashed. If  we found ways not to bring the 3 Dimensions (Economy, Ethics and Environment) back down to the sole Economy scale, HR could be bringing an adaptability advantage.

Value Creation in tomorrow’s world should take into account Impact on Environment and Business Ethics. Surveys like “Great...

By Florence CARIOU on May 30, 2022
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The last few days interaction and study has brought some ideas to my mind, I need to write down. If the ideal way to organize according to our nature, is very flat, and with leaders elected for the given task a given team is doing, and not given leadership for...

By Johnny H. Ryser on May 29, 2022