Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Adaptable companies do the very hard work of discovering what their business is really about. The answer to that question is in most cases elusive or counterintuitive.

If you ask an average car-making company for instance, what its business is about, they will probably tell you: -“making and selling cars,...

By Alberto Blanco on June 5, 2022
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A key principle of adaptabiity is understanding, and keeping right in front of us at all times, our Purpose, the reason why we do what we do, the reason why our organisation exists, that great and wonderful thing that we are setting out to achieve. Purpose is central to understanding...

By Kev Wyke on May 30, 2022

My source of inspiration is Victor Frankel's book " Man's search for meaning" . I believe it is a must read for HR professionals and all leaders. In the age of "informing ourselves to death" (credit belongs to my teacher Prof. Neil Postman) people drown in data and information and...

By Edna Pasher on May 28, 2022