Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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What is the most successful adaptation mechanism on this planet'

It' s evolution! Evolution is based on three fundamental principles:

Variation - only experiments deliver the requried variety to address the problem space
Selection - design experiments that best fit the requirements have to be separated from those that are...

By Stefan Blobelt on June 1, 2022
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To adapt, organisations must equip their people at all levels with a solution focused "shared thinking system" in a similar way to equipping them with a shared IT system. This shared set of "adaptability tools" will develop a mindset of "possibility thinking". Embedded working practices will encourage people to Go M.A.D....

By Andy Gilbert on May 29, 2022
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-great minded men always eager to get in the game

-genuine governance

-stakeholder economy

-knowledge management

-systems ...