Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Creating a culture of continual learning throughout the organisation; learning that enhances the organisational capabilities ie the collective skills, abilities, competencies and expertise of the organisation.

An environment where senior leaders alongside their teams demonstrate their openness and commitment to continual learning.

By Janice Irvine on June 4, 2022

People with energy, enthuasiasm, engagement, and the inclination to apply their ideas need access to resource and opportunity.

Often the challenges which most deeply concern the organization are bunkered away in the inner circle. Transparency is a great first step to - at least - enable visibility, but if we wish...

By Sean Schofield on June 4, 2022

In successful organisations it is not just the Management team that drives toward organisational objectives, it is the culture and psychological environment itself which collectively draws all its people towards achievement. Everything from pride in the brand-name to the security of knowing that grievance and disciplinary procedures are fair and...

It is not because "we have always done like this", that it is correct or that we cannot improve. It is important to challenge old principles and practices.

Get a fresh view. Ask questions, a lot of questions. Check the grounds, the foundation.

By Mina Goldfays on June 2, 2022

Unfortunately we are being conditioned by the daily news where "evil" seems ths leading force of success. Our human condition limits us from being crystal clear as we would like, and the "others" interpretations are inevitably incomplete.

Shall we and, can we, be more positively oriented? Can we stop debating...

By Aldo Montefiore on June 2, 2022

If you want an organization to adapt, if you want people in an organization to adapt, you have to be able to communicate. It all seems so simple, communication, it 's as old as mankind but apparently we have forgotten the impact of it. So still many mistakes are made because...

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A mind that is closed to possibilities cannot even begin to adapt because it blocks any new or anomalous information that is the catalyst for change.

An emotional state that is protective/defensive cannot acknowledge it's "wrongness" and vulnerability and create a willingness to change.

A structure that is restrictive cannot...

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Most organizations control information in order to control decisions and people.  Yet developing the most prescient view of tomorrow’s threats and opportunities, or of today’s most pressing issues, requires open and uncensored decision-making processes that exploit the organization’s collective wisdom.  Moreover, organizations where employees lack the data to act quickly...