Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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New HR guideline (effective immediately):


If you need to run an important meeting, or any meeting, don’t you dare to book our cold and boring conference room! Instead, invite participants to hold the encounter at your home. This way you will be enabling, rather than forcing, a spirit of...

By Alberto Blanco on July 1, 2022

TCOW or Total Cost Of Workforce in and of itself is meaningless, however it is absolutely fundamental to almost every metric calculation that show movement in investments in people, or Return on People (ROP). It's also very difficult to calculate without agreement from HR, finance, and line of business on...

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Here's a challenge!!!

What about hiring some ace people (isn't that what our recruitment processes always do?) and then what about letting them get on and do it??

I mean really, just trust them and let them get on and do it.

Don't fuss around, don't look over their shoulders,...

By Kev Wyke on June 18, 2022