Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Often in organisations you can only access learning because of grade or role, or it is a reward, a corrective action or controlled gateway to X,Y,Z opportunities at work..  It reminds me of a pipeline that is switched on and off by HR with line managers who act as often poorly informed gate-keepers...

By Julie Steel on July 1, 2022
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Why adaptability? -- To be able to compete in a dynamic environment of customers changing habits and needs.
How to take the pulse of these changes? -- By interacting, personally, with the main actors, the customers.
This hack is about empowering employees to interact with the...

Every organization talks about team work and how important team work is to continue to win in the competitive markets but when it comes to walk the talk most of these organizations fail. 

My vision is to create an organziation where you reward a team for their performance rather than...

By Mukesh Gupta on June 24, 2022

Looking at the principles of Autonomy & Trust and Openess & Transparency, my mini hack aims to to establish the credibility and value of HR as a business partner by adapting the language and measurment principles of  the core business.  As long as HR continues to measure itself with the...

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Too often, organisations propogate rather than enable creativity and innovation. One of the enemies of adaptability is Command-and-control systems (that) lead to organizations filled with anxious employees who are hesitant to take the initiative or trust their own judgment.

I see this manifested frequently in the form of posters, signs,...

By Simon Gosney on June 21, 2022
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Contribute: to play a significant part in bringing about an end or result. (Merrian-Webster.com)

Compass: device for determining direction. (Merrian-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary)

Contribution Compass is intended to be a simple navigation device for growth and self-knowledge. One of its principal aims is to help teams uncover each and everyone's personal purposes. By...

By Alberto Blanco on June 12, 2022
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From Human Resources to Relating to Humans (RH). The 21st Century workplace will be shaped by Millennials (born 1980-2003), the largest generation in US history. Totaling 17 million more people than the Baby Boomers this group is just coming of age. For organizations to survive and succeed, attracting Millennials...
By Nigel Barron on June 12, 2022