Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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The gist: New employees and their organizations each want employees to connect with existing organizational culture. Why not integrate experimentation and learning (a critical element of the adaptable organization's culture), into the onboarding process?

The rationale: Employees are most vulnerable to becoming enemies of adaptability during the onboarding process, a time...

By Amanda Drescher on June 18, 2022
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HR: Let’s provoke corporate earthquakes together and create mobility, excitement, and courage in the process.

At this point of the project it’s clear to me and many others that companies change (if ever) in front of abrupt and severe crisis (and when they do it it’s generally too late)....

By Alberto Blanco on June 16, 2022
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I have been asked to try to size a mini-hack shot of my previous awarded story about "Entangled Talents".

Challenge taken.

For those interested into the starting point details :



It is the occasion to give an update about this "Learning Organization For Tomorrow or LOFT ecosystem....

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Brief Overview – the notion is for functions in organisations to look at work from a completely different perspective.

Example – temporarily move all the work responsibilities from the 'supplier function' to the 'customer function' and vice versa but don't move any of the people.


By Keith Gulliver on June 13, 2022
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Brief Overview – the notion is that for organisations to be adaptable they will need to hire 'adaptable people' from diverse backgrounds, to work with their customers and clients. The traits of adaptability sought will be the same whichever organisation you work for. Organisations waste resources chasing and...

By Keith Gulliver on June 13, 2022
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Contribute: to play a significant part in bringing about an end or result. (Merrian-Webster.com)

Compass: device for determining direction. (Merrian-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary)

Contribution Compass is intended to be a simple navigation device for growth and self-knowledge. One of its principal aims is to help teams uncover each and everyone's personal purposes. By...

By Alberto Blanco on June 12, 2022
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In using the findings from CCL’s original Lessons of Experience (LOE) research to inform practical advice for developing executives, Bob Eichinger and Mike Lombardo (co-founders of Lominger) coined the “70-20-10” formula or guideline, i.e., 70% of executive development comes from jobs, 20% from other people, 10% from courses....

We have given up on long and expensive recruiting processes. In our group we do it this way: we collaborate with all universities in our country and invite their graduate students to gain practice with us. We then offer the best ones - after a one day a week practice...

By Edna Pasher on June 8, 2022