Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Our hackathon team developed an unprecedented 138 mini hacks during Sprint 2.1. In this post, we’ll share a few of the contributions the hackathon guide team feels have great potential to be developed further into fully-formed hacks during Phase 3.

By Chris Grams on July 2, 2022

Move away from fixed annual/half-yearly appraisal cycles to appraisal cycles based on achievement of a goal, irrespective of when the goal is achieved (one corporate goal for everyone). 

This focuses the entire energy of the organization to achieving the goal and do not get diverted on any other process till...

By Mukesh Gupta on June 24, 2022
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Many companies exercise talent management programs of high expectations, but actually end up in undermining strategic adaptability: The programs are often run for management talent rather than for talent as such.

The point here is that we unconsciously value hierarchies so strongly that even a good cause to empower people...

By Eerik Lundmark on June 18, 2022
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With more accountability sitting at the front line at times like these, should this shift in accountability and risk not be reflected in the wages of those at the top of the organisation? 

By Heidi De Wolf on June 17, 2022

So you arrive for a job, and you are told, "this is how we compensate you." Here are all the pieces, and how, in theory, they work.

Each enterprise has a position based on their industry, market share, profitability, etc...that amounts to "we can give you x."  However, instead of allowing for choice,...

By Sean Schofield on June 13, 2022