Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Attitudes and Behaviour are cornerstone foundations for improving an organisations performance. They are counterbalanced by the organisations System in recognising, measuring and managing performance at the different levels of individual, team, function...through to..the organisation as a whole. Alongside this is the fourth cornerstone the Processes (hard and soft) adopted by the organisation...

By Randall Casey on July 1, 2022

Design Principle #5: Diversity

Solution: Make HR independent, a separate cooperation

It's time to recognise that shareholders value and human develpment are different topics. Only one can drive the car. Solution could be to outsource HR (all employees except the board)

*Design enterprise: strategy, production, profit. = Hiring teams and...

By Anne on June 12, 2022

Our Adaptable organisations need to be creative & agile. Our people need to feel empowered to take responsibility for working together across the structure to develop ideas, test and implement them.

The provision of physical space for people to come together and think differently can help seed this process. A creative space...

By Sandy Wilkie on June 11, 2022
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Change management and change initiatives in the broadest sense of the word are typically a combination of formal and informal activities and processes. Whilst change has traditionally been driven in a top-down fashion, new tools and techniques are emerging that help create a complementary, bottom-up approach. Methods such as ...

By Bruce Lewin on June 8, 2022