The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

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When I see the categories defined as the needed ‘post-bureaucratic hacks’ , I can’t help to see it’s all about people and how people interact together, or better hacking the flaws in that context and about reaching goals, or better not reaching them as efficient or effective as we should.

Keep unit sizes and working contacts for each person down to about 150. This is known as Dunbar's Number which is explained at . Broadly it is about the maximum number of people with whom someone can have a good social relationship. This would suggest organisations should be...

By Graham Douglas on July 4, 2022
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Create decision rules & guidelines that can be changed to reflect the processes that are working, make sense, resonate with workers.

By Dave Ungar on June 17, 2022

Let an application create a net of full mesh information. This information pieces are
Each input item is tagged, thus the network creates knots. Knots can be bigger or smaller according to the importance they are assigned by management and staff. This is...

By Erwin Pfuhler on June 13, 2022

Common measures must be things like Quality (measure of returns or complaints), Delivery (on time and in full measure), Profit (% return on assets being exploited in their activity after liabilities have been considered) and finally Conformance (measures from audit to ensure agreed standards are being met and the Law...

By Julian Wilson on June 12, 2022

The organisational system must make individuals accountable for the assets and liabilities of their operation- luckily such a mechanism exists in the traditional business system and that is the Balance Sheet- a document where all the assets and liabilities are expressed.

Every individual must have a Balance Sheet applied...

By Julian Wilson on June 12, 2022

Individuals need to experience their working world as the business experiences the outside world- they need customer and supplier relationships with their peers and outside businesses, but not just that, they must also have investor and mentor relationships, and contractual and legal relationships too. These relationships must embrace the risks...

By Julian Wilson on June 11, 2022

Instead of hording control of your budget, allow every employee to have discretionary control (and thereby responsibility) for a slice of the pie. The one area that is the scourge or bane of creativity is that every time you have a crazy idea, you have to run it by the...

By Aaron Anderson on June 8, 2022