The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

Smart Aggregated Information

By Erwin Pfuhler on June 13, 2022

Let an application create a net of full mesh information. This information pieces are
Each input item is tagged, thus the network creates knots. Knots can be bigger or smaller according to the importance they are assigned by management and staff. This is also a matter how hot a topic is discussed. To assign importance to a topic you could have evaluators (their input is knowledge) and supporters (their input is energy). The distance of the knots shows how closely they are related to each other.
Soon it will be visible about what people care. What matters to them. Where are the chances and risks.
Besides employees you could also access information from the Web and social media to broaden the base of input.
Finally nearly everyone on Earth could have a place at the table.
Furthermore it will be interesting to see the speed with which some topics become important or also decrease in importance, which could be another hint on what to focus.

First Steps 

Big Data should provide the basis.
How the application deals with the data and turns them into information depends on the algorithms, the semantic analysis.
Once the technology is up and running it is about to get people involved.
A reward system would be helpful to get them and keep them at the table.

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