The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

Meritocracy requires objective measures.

By Julian Wilson on June 12, 2022

Common measures must be things like Quality (measure of returns or complaints), Delivery (on time and in full measure), Profit (% return on assets being exploited in their activity after liabilities have been considered) and finally Conformance (measures from audit to ensure agreed standards are being met and the Law is being adhered to).

Basic income must be set by a strict criteria applied to everyone and should be objective not subjective.

We use the ability to follow and design process as the benchmark for pay.
We range through Starter, Pre-follower, Follower, Changer and Creator.

Each level is achieved and maintained (and with documentary evidence as well as audit) to warrant its pay level, Starter pay being linked to minimum wage.

Obviously, value-add must be adequate to afford the pay, this is a pre-requisite- being the master of “putting wheels on tomatoes” will not command any pay if you don’t make any revenue from your mobile tomatoes.

The rest of an individuals pay and perks must come from a share of the profit they generate.

First Steps 

The NHS in England has 128 KPIs… or key performance indicators. By definition, so many indicators can’t be “key”.

Make measures simple, high level and apply to everyone equally.

Measures must be of outcome and not activity nor attributes. Someone may be “busy” (an activity) or “creative” (an attribute) but these are not measures of outcome.
Whilst these activities and attributes are important they are not suitable for common measures.

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