Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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The hacking phase is now complete. Check back soon for our hackathon synthesis report.


Over the past month, our hacking teams have been collaboratively developing their mini hacks into full, “shovel ready” hacks that could be used inside real organizations to make them more adaptable.

Most of our teams have now posted drafts of their hacks, and you can access them via the links below. During Sprint 3.2, we’ll be working with our teams to finalize our hacks, while also incorporating input on our work so far from each other and from the hackathon guides and coaches.

For this sprint we have two tasks:

TASK 1: Read the draft hacks from other teams and provide your input.  Most of our teams have been collaboratively developing their hacks together over the past month. Now they’d like to get your input on their work. Please read through the draft hacks that have been submitted so far. Feel free to “like” those you feel have the most potential, and add your comments and builds in the comments section below the hack. You may also receive additional comments on your hack from the MIX Guides and coaches. This task should be complete by September 6 so teams have time to incorporate the feedback in to their final hacks.

TASK 2: Finalize your teams hack. Many teams are still actively working on developing their hacks, while others will have feedback to incorporate over the next few weeks. The goal is to have your final hack posted to the hackathon site by September 9. Remember:

This sprint ends on September 16.
uduma-kalu-etea's picture
Often times the emphasis in talent acquisition is tenure as evidenced by experience. This ensures that new hires simply come with entrenched mindsets and rigid workstyles to the new organisation.
By Uduma Kalu Etea on July 17, 2021
tim-scott's picture
We are bombarded with “Best Practice” processes, models and thinking and they seem to be particularly prevalent in HR.
By Tim Scott on July 17, 2021
sue-waldock's picture
With the advent of new technology and the ever-growing and increasing demands for top and bottom line growth without additional headcount, it has become the imperative for organisations to find more e
By Sue Waldock on July 17, 2021
stephen-remedios's picture
 In using the findings from CCL’s original Lessons of Experience (LOE) research to inform practical advice for developing executives, Bob Eichinger and Mike Lombardo (co-founders of Lominger) coi
stephen-remedios's picture
 Its a well know fact thaty positivity and negativity are powerful feedback processes in human behavior.
stephanie-sharma's picture
Identify the value that each human brings to a role or function through an individualized approach. To truly value humans at the individual level as asset to organization.
simon-gosney's picture
You must read this hack in the order in which it is presented. You may only comment on it if you are registered to do so.
By Simon Gosney on July 17, 2021
The core challenge is to let energy be the currency for access to engage in executing pertinent ideas.
By Sean Schofield on July 17, 2021
So you arrive for a job, and you are told, "this is how we compensate you." Here are all the pieces, and how, in theory, they work.Each enterprise has a position based on their industry, market s
By Sean Schofield on July 17, 2021
Creativity, innovation, synthesizing ambiguity, re-imagining the possible, and making unexpected connections - all important stuff; all becoming (/is already) business imperative.Finally, all of this
By Sean Schofield on July 17, 2021