Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Often times the emphasis in talent acquisition is tenure as evidenced by experience. This ensures that new hires simply come with entrenched mindsets and rigid workstyles to the new organisation.
By Uduma Kalu Etea on July 17, 2021
When we arrive at the building of our organisation, or when we log in in our corporate intranet we tend to change. We change from a human into a walking "job discription".
By Maarten Korz on July 17, 2021
Our hack includes 3 stories of Up Front ExperimentsEdna's story:We have given up on long and expensive recruiting processes.
By Edna Pasher on July 17, 2021
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 With human capital seems to be emerging as the single most important capital of the 21st century, the general consensus, among most management practitioners is that, it happens to be one of the