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Trust and Empowerment Across the Organization

By Tojo Eapen on May 30, 2022

Trust and credibility are built through conscious organizational behaviors at all levels - There is trust internally and externally, among and between, employees, leaders, consumers, shareholders, society/communities etc. - with the best intentions assumed by default especially within the organization, leading to a culture of empowerment, active involvement, dialogue, value creation and commitment to the organization's success.  Everyone is actively invested in, feels that she/he contributes to and works towards the success of the organization.  Active visibility of authentic selves, transparency and openness (to being questioned, discussing diverse perspective, explaining the background with patience...) of especially the individuals in positions of power are important enablers.

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Thanks much, Peter! Agree completely.
Would be great to hear your opinions on related questions in my mind: Why do you think the reality in many organisations are still far/change is hard to come by and, what could create a momentum and shift? Are corporate cultures too embedded in the past, with selection processes and existing leadership unwilling to bring in new leaders/leadership practices/behaviors? Thank you for the reference to Edelman.

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Agree Tojo - these are critical ingredients without which it's impossible to imagine an agile organisation. We have talked about empowered management for a long time, but I think the reality in many organisations is that we are far from it. Empowerment requires a lot of trust from the manager or leader to those that he/she is empowering, and that trust then has to be reciprocated. It's got even tougher in the current climate with trust being so damaged (see Edelman's Trust Barometer). We also build processes and systems that whether intended or not, end up by disempowering so many.