Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Diversity and Inclusion: we are all different and everyone has a role to play

By Keith Gulliver on June 5, 2022

I originally referenced this principle here ==> http://www.mixhackathon.org/hackathon/contribution/six-principles-adapta...

Set out below are a few more of my thoughts on this principle.

Adaptive organisations are those where:

  • Individual differences...

    • ...are sought out, respected and valued (e.g. alternative perspectives, views, opinions)

    • ...stimulate vitality, creativity and innovation (there's a buzz in the workplace)

    • ...are celebrated

    • ...provide competitive advantage

    • ...form the basis of highly effective teams

  • Everyone is their whole self (no concerns or fears about being who we are)

  • We look like our stakeholders (e.g. customers / clients)


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