Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Performance Management

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Recall Immanuel Kant’s conception of nature’s secret plan, where he anticipated the evolution of a culture in which the model human is made. Recall also that the plan is to unfold in a universal history that may have passed two, 2 phases, including the industrial and...

By Peter Anyebe on June 30, 2022

Move away from fixed annual/half-yearly appraisal cycles to appraisal cycles based on achievement of a goal, irrespective of when the goal is achieved (one corporate goal for everyone). 

This focuses the entire energy of the organization to achieving the goal and do not get diverted on any other process till...

By Mukesh Gupta on June 24, 2022
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sta(RH)s is a very simple way for HR to drive purpose, autonomy and mastery into the enterprise. 

Every colleague can log onto their sta(RH)s account and distribute stars to any colleague...

By Heiko Fischer on June 24, 2022
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Every organization has a mission and usually a purpose. However, the extent to which every organization ‘lives’ or connects that mission is variable. While the youngest generation at work (GenY) notes having a purposeful job or doing purposeful work as a top priority across research studies,  all employees seek...

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Short-term: move measure of value that each human brings to a role or function, to significantly more objective and individualized levels. From the point of hire on:

1. Placement: Objective talent selection through scientific assessments, self-assessments and consistent development reviews to ensure talent to role and talent to...

As part of the Performance Management Process at your organization include a 1 page 4 quadrant template that team members are encouraged to prepare ahead of performance review.

In each of the 4 quadrants team members are asked to provide answers (limited to 3) to the question in each quadrant.

Questions in...

By Dave Whitman on June 24, 2022
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Why adaptability? -- To be able to compete in a dynamic environment of customers changing habits and needs.
How to take the pulse of these changes? -- By interacting, personally, with the main actors, the customers.
This hack is about empowering employees to interact with the...

Every organization talks about team work and how important team work is to continue to win in the competitive markets but when it comes to walk the talk most of these organizations fail. 

My vision is to create an organziation where you reward a team for their performance rather than...

By Mukesh Gupta on June 24, 2022

Most managers hate the performance management process and their teams hated it more.We should completely change performance management. The end of year conversations should be no more than a confirmation of what everyone knows. No surprises. All the discussion, data collection and adjustment to objectives and performance should be happening...

By Jan Hills on June 23, 2022
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Deming and others showed that when you look at the performance of an organisation (however you measure performance), about 85% to 95% (one can argue pointlessly about the precise figure but the scale is key) is due to the system, i.e. the way the work works and is designed. That...

By Andy Lippok on June 21, 2022