The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

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Welcome to the “Busting Bureaucracy” Hackathon. Over the next few months, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world to address a truly pressing challenge:

How can technology enable tomorrow’s winning management practices and “bust” the bureaucracy that stifles most organizations today?


Help kickstart the hackathon by sharing your take on how bureaucracy (i.e., top-down command structures and formal rules and procedures focused on conformance) is stifling your organization’s ability to adapt, innovate, or truly engage its people. To get some context and inspiration, read Gary Hamel's introductory blog and watch his welcome video.

robert-marshall's picture

In doing a review of the origin, evolution, and current status of the definition for bureaucracy (via Wikipedia and its references), I came away with the view that bureaucracy involves the following elements:

- run by non-elected personnel (this applies for government and corporate entities since neither citizens or employees...

By Robert Marshall on March 14, 2014
teresa-rose's picture

It seems to pervade the organisation, but mainly in IT, Business Services and HR. However, it exists not only in processes but in the culture and hierarchy. Meetings and emails dominate the culture and this affects speed of decisions. It is often the case that decisions are deferred to the...

By Teresa Rose on March 13, 2014
diala-chinemezu-michael's picture

My organisation is bureaucratic but dynamic as well so there is a synergy between bureaucracy and dynamism,so I will say my organisation operates a modified bureaucracy.

joe-starinchak's picture

I see it everywhere - I work in the biggest one of all - the federal government

By Joe Starinchak on March 13, 2014
javier-crespo's picture

Bureaucracy is more evident in the decision making level of the organization where the upper echelon is more concerned with failure than opportunity; therefore, creativity is stifled because it is easier to revert to the "why re-invent the wheel" mentality. Managers may say they want change; however, their learned aversion...

By Javier Crespo on March 13, 2014
ben-morris's picture

To some degree, at every level and at every crossroads usually as a deferred decision-making arrangement. Normally born of over-controlling micro-management - the desire to control everything and the extremes of risk aversion.

By Ben Morris on March 13, 2014
altaf-jasnaik's picture

I now work for a small and lean organization where bureaucracy is our door mat. But having come from an MNC environment, I know what this can be and most large organizations are plagued by bureaucracy.

By Altaf Jasnaik on March 13, 2014
franziska-golenhofen's picture

University. As a metaphor, imagine the Titanic. The Titanic did not have time, even when she wanted to, to steer away from the ice berg. Collaboration, working together and especially flexibility are so important, otherwise one can never end up with the optimal solution. And the power of money: it...

By Franziska on March 13, 2014
peter-blackman's picture

All companies strive for better business performance... its part of what keeps you in business. The problem is that although many are good at finding new / better ways to do things, few are good at eradicating old habits. We all like to hang on to things that have served...

By Peter Blackman on March 13, 2014