The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

The core of bureaucracy is a response to a failure

By timothy dibble on April 11, 2022

I work for the Government--enough said

Bureaucracy makes my job harder or easier by... 

It makes things incredibly slow. In the world of never making a mistake because you'll waste a taxpayer's dollar, millions are wasted to avoid a potential mistake. Any time there is a problem, a new set of rules, checks and balances and reviews are implemented to assure the mistake doesn't occur. Unfortunately it diverts attention from getting the job done and more mistakes are made, resulting in more rules and reviews. Toss a micromanaging Congress in the mix and it is even harder to hope for eliminating bureacracy. Take for example the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Initially a rewrite of the numerous rules and regulations used by diverse organizations within the government to simplify and streamline the process. Within minutes of being published, every organization published their own supplement to the FAR, adding tweaks, repetition and more rules to a streamline process. With every acquisition failure publicized on the channel 6 news, the rules grow in severity, complexity and repetition.

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