The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

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I am especially interested in current efforts to reform the welfare state in the UK.

By Liliana Pop on April 6, 2022

In order to be successful, companies need to become much quicker and more nimble. Bureaucracy is seen at every level of an organization and is an obvious impediment to speed & agility. Bureaucracy also stifles innovation. While there are processes within a company that rely upon standardization for speed, there...

By Terry Bennett on April 5, 2022

I found that bureaucracy correlates positively with the size of an institution and/or corporation: The bigger an institution and/or corporation, the more bureaucracy there is. Large institutions become increasingly inflexible and risk averse, because they have this unfortunate tendency to overvalue what they own and focus on what they may...

By Achim Muellers on April 1, 2022