The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

creativity, problem-solving capacity, collaboration, compassion

By Franziska on April 2, 2022

Wherever hierarchical, vertical structures exist. For me, at University. The dutch education council (2013) stated that
“Our society needs skills such as creativity, problem-solving capacity, collaboration, cultural and moral sensitivity, care and professionalism. In order to develop...the optimal opportunities in life, we need more appreciation for the development of these skills.” I believe that in the future innovative entrepreneurship that is willing to face reality and for example the need for sustainability in all practices is crucial.
Such events as show this. Efficiency requires us to be 100% effective, especially in the future. And science is catching up:
Without the values stated in the quote above this is not possible, although bureaucracy exactly tries to limit the influence of such humane values, which are often pressed away as they are too 'subjective'- to human?

Bureaucracy makes my job harder or easier by... 

Should compassion, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving capacities truly be excluded and seen as in opposition to bureaucracy? The traditional mindset seem to be so- and this requires attention in the future.

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