The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

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Welcome to the “Busting Bureaucracy” Hackathon. Over the next few months, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world to address a truly pressing challenge:

How can technology enable tomorrow’s winning management practices and “bust” the bureaucracy that stifles most organizations today?


Help kickstart the hackathon by sharing your take on how bureaucracy (i.e., top-down command structures and formal rules and procedures focused on conformance) is stifling your organization’s ability to adapt, innovate, or truly engage its people. To get some context and inspiration, read Gary Hamel's introductory blog and watch his welcome video.

altaf-jasnaik's picture

I now work for a small and lean organization where bureaucracy is our door mat. But having come from an MNC environment, I know what this can be and most large organizations are plagued by bureaucracy.

By Altaf Jasnaik on March 13, 2014
oscar-buijten's picture

What I notice is that many people spontaniously create bureaucratie as they are scared to take the smallest piece of risk and say; "No. That doesn't work, You can't do that". So even though there is no formal approval required, people tend to believe that there is. This counts for...

By Oscar Buijten on March 26, 2014
liliana-pop's picture

I am especially interested in current efforts to reform the welfare state in the UK.

By Liliana Pop on April 6, 2014
kaushal-chari's picture

Bureaucracy pervades all areas of operations in my organization. This is due to compliance mandated by the state and other external entities, limited resources that everyone competes for, productivity and quality expectations that are set by the top management, as well as the need to avoid any legal challenges in...

By Kaushal Chari on April 6, 2014
diala-chinemezu-michael's picture

My organisation is bureaucratic but dynamic as well so there is a synergy between bureaucracy and dynamism,so I will say my organisation operates a modified bureaucracy.

jim-stikeleather's picture

It is everywhere in large organizations - it arises out of a need to standardize, reduce variance, consolidate information, coordinate action and in those roles generates benefit and value. But is it really necessary?

By Jim Stikeleather on March 12, 2014
dr-shane-l-green's picture

The note of bureaucracy is located throughout a company. The most challenged area is the middle management area where middle managers are not passing important information up and also communicating it down so adaption can take place.

phil-weinzimer's picture

Detailed processes directing employees what do and how to act in performing their jobs, which creates organization friction

By Phil Weinzimer on March 24, 2014
monica-redden's picture

Decision making in relation to finalising plans and progressing action. it has to be approved through four layers, all of them inefficient and time poor.
Layers of plans that have to be considered in any decision that is made-there can be up to eight different plans that need to...

By Monica Redden on March 12, 2014