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TSSCI (pronounced tsetse!)

By Angelle Bryan on June 5, 2022

I know that some businesses have used the phrase 'Tsetse Fly' to mean disharmony in an organisation,but I would like to appropriate this term and turn it around, using an acronym which has a similar sound, but has a more positive and progressive meaning. Trust, Support and Space within an organisation enables and promotes Creativity and Innovation or what I would like to call a TSSCI Culture


People in the organisation trust and respect one another for the talents, skills, knowledge and expertise each person brings to the table;

People are working in a supportive, co-operative, collaborative way

Employees are allowed time for reflection and the space to experiment and explore ideas without being under constant pressure to 'do' and 'act' without thought or question

then you have an environment in which Creation and Innovation can flourish.




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Nice turnaround. I buy it.
I give time to my team to benefit from such positive and inspiring environment.With satisfying payback.
As it has been described and document in famous companies.
For those afraid of being abused, or encouraging extra vacation days, solutions exist to keep a do and act free frame while requesting as a minimum a formal feed-back of time usage, peer connections and engagement trials , any kind of leads, regardless of successful outputs.