Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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By Julien Pascual on May 28, 2022

To be adaptable companies must sense the outside world do dectect the need to adapt. they must see themseves as a part of a large ecosystem of clients,  suppliers, partners, contractors, government, etc. and must continuoulsy sense what is happening outside and bring it in to feed inside with reasons to adapt and opportunities to adapt. 

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Hendrik, i really like the analogy with a flock of birds. If you look at it from close, it seems all birds are going in any direction. It looks like there is no direction. But if you step back, if you stop looking at the individual birds but look at the group they form, you will see that despite local disorder, the flock, taken as a set, goes in one direction, moves. By many aspect a truly agile company will look like this flock of birds.

Keith : agree with you. Meaning come from sensing, observation, immersion. And we shall also recognize that sensing requires a specific mindset, a specific view of the company. It's not the center on anything but just the member of a vast ecosystem that all together solve users problems.

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This is a highly underestimated issue. The question remains, is it an outcome of an adaptable organization or a precondition to adaptability. Without sensing of what’s going on, no adaptability. Without the concept of adaptability incorporated in the heads and harts of coworkers no sensing. Every bird of a flock of birds is responsible for his area, sensing all potential hazard and when needed adjusting the direction of the flight, thus provoking a chain reaction of the flock.

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I agree this is a key principle of an adaptive organisation, Julien.

This connects with 'establishing meaning' which is the subject of another post (see here ==> http://www.mixhackathon.org/hackathon/contribution/meaning by Edna Pasher): the organisation senses and then derives meaning from all the complex data and information gathered.