Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Be Obsessed About Results

By Sean Schofield on June 4, 2022


Not politics. Not ownership. Not tradition. Not 'what-happened-last-time'. Not 'who-else-has-done-this'. Not 'we can't because...' Not ridiculous, heavy, bureaucratic process. Not 'making everyone happy'.

Be obsessed with understanding the fundamental need you are targeting, how you might target it, making progress, and getting results.

There is almost always more than enough energy, expertise, and engagement in any environment. It just needs to be encouraged and nourished. Too often, it just gets stuck, sapped, stigmatized, or stymied.

Instead of focusing on deep understanding, execution, progress, and results, past precedent and frankly, mitigating tradition (or worse, bad habit), get the bulk of attention.

There just isn't time for this stuff. We need to be obsessed (in a good way) about results.

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frederic-jleconte's picture

Indicators.Sensors.Experience.Data crunching.
All are "must have props" to move within the knowledge economy space and territory.
Maps are dynamic.We need signals and flashes, not only quarterly polished mirror view of how good we did.
Or did not react.
Adaptability is not only intuitive reaction.it is worths trying intelligence powered agile moves.

stephanie-sharma's picture

Excellent point Sean! Results that can be objectively measured I might add, not those that we call results but are subjectively defined. This will also build a more solid bridge to the business; it will move beyond the cost-based, efficiency-obsessed line that is often the imperative when it comes to human capital. Thank you for posting this!