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alberto-blanco's picture

I love our current logo and honestly, I don’t have idea at this moment about how a different logo would look like. But, in case we need it, I do believe that if we put our heads together and stretch our imagination, we could come up with something fresh that...

By Alberto Blanco on February 24, 2022
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Until we apply what gets created together -- change cannot take place. Research shows that we can talk and write about it without results -- but when we apply and coach new tools change results. Whole brain approaches affirm that and show why it's so. All to say -- I'd...

By Ellen Weber on February 22, 2022
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I guess this is a billion dollar wildcard question by its own merit. In a way the idea I am going to propose under this wildcard category is the culmination or synthesis of the concepts, I had shared in the previous categories. The wildcard to move MIX to next level...

By Charles Prabakar on February 8, 2022