Hack the MIX Hackathon

Help us help you re-invent management
for the 21st century

This phase of the hackathon ended on Feb 24. All ideas submitted during Sprint 1 have been moved to Sprint 2.

It’s time to upgrade the MIX to version “2.0." We want to make the platform even more compelling, useful, and relevant for an ever-growing group management practitioners around the world. So we’ve decided to subject the MIX to one of our homegrown techniques—the management hackathon. Call it “Hack the MIX.” Starting today, we are enlisting a core group of MIXers who have made important contributions to the community in a short hackathon to help take the MIX to the next level. Please share your ideas—or build on those submitted by others. Your input is vital (and we'll be sure to recognize and celebrate the most significant contributions). Thank you!

How to Start Hacking

Task 1: Share your ideas for improving the MIX

We’ve chosen five areas of focus for our hacking efforts. To get started, share your ideas in one of the five hacking areas listed below. Note: If you have never participated in a MIX hackathon before you will need to login to the hackathon platform once with your MIX credentials in order to contribute or comment. If you do not remember your MIX login info or have any access issues, contact bruce@managementlab.org for assistance.

Inspiring, High-Impact Content

How do we increase the amount and the quality of content contributed to the MIX?

The MIX as a Resource

How do we make the MIX an essential, practical resource for in-the-trenches management mavericks and aspiring management innovators?

The MIX as a Community

How might we make the MIX more compelling and useful by strengthening connections between and opportunities for its members?

MIXer Experience

How do we improve the overall user experience on the MIX?


What are we missing? What are your ideas for moving the MIX onto the next level of impact—say 10x the members and the content?— that don't fit into one of the categories above? Don’t hold back, we want to hear any and all, large and small, ideas.

Enter as many ideas as you like in as many categories as you like.

Task 2: Read and build off the ideas of others.

Once you’ve added your ideas, please browse the ideas that others have shared by clicking on the five areas of focus above. “Like” the ideas you think have the most potential, and feel free to build off of the ideas that others have submitted.

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