Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Onboarding a Culture of Adaptability

By Amanda Drescher on June 18, 2022

The gist: New employees and their organizations each want employees to connect with existing organizational culture. Why not integrate experimentation and learning (a critical element of the adaptable organization's culture), into the onboarding process?

The rationale: Employees are most vulnerable to becoming enemies of adaptability during the onboarding process, a time when they are blank slates seeking to understand both an organization's informal culture and formal expectations. Fear of failure can impact both paths of understanding. At the organizational level, fear of failure is strongly embedded in an organization's culture, to which new employees will be particularly sensitive. At the individual level, formal interactions with an agent of the organization (such as a manager or trainer) may convey expectations that seem to support fear of failure. That being said, the onboarding  process has the potential to be a crucial opportunity, rather than a risk.

Given that new employees have an inherent desire to connect with an organization's culture, what better time to introduce an incoming workforce to the idea that failure can be learned from and experimentation is valuable than onboarding? Thereby training a culture of fearlessness into an organizations incoming workforce and creating habits that support adaptability rather than hinder it.

Barriers to adaptability being overcome: Fear of Failure, Habit

HR process being hacked:Learning and Development

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Hi team!! Good to have you on board (please excuse the horrendous pun), I'm looking forward to developing this hack with you. I don't really want to share my email address in a public forum so I'll not be posting it here, but I will be trying to contact each of you over the next several days so that we can at least exchange contact info. I'll most likely reach out over Twitter, if you've linked an account here. Hope to be in touch with all of you soon!

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Sounds good Amanda! Thanking for sharing and leading this Hack. Look forward to working with you and the rest of the team soon.