Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Intergenerational Purpose-driven Performance

Hacking Team

Every organization has a mission and usually a purpose. However, the extent to which every organization ‘lives’ or connects that mission is variable. While the youngest generation at work (GenY) notes having a purposeful job or doing purposeful work as a top priority across research studies,  all employees seek a connection to work that is meaningful. Before the Millennials it was the Boomers who 'campaigned' for change for good, but with a different post-war view of the work-world. This is about more than a mission-statement. It is about a) how each individual connects to the purpose of the organization, b) how the organization systemizes these connections (individual managers would be the best option but what about when they fail to?), and c) how individual and organizational performance are improved (becuase the correct metrics exist and are in place) when there is an individual connection to purpose at work. By honoring the generational lens with four generations at work in some environments, we can begin to link the need for a connection purpose through this lens of the world and leverage the multi-generational workplace while the Boomers are still at work. Of course linking each individual's purpose to the organizational purpose would be the ultimate goal.  

HR process being hacked:Performance Management

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