Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Adaptive Optics : what's new, Coach?

I have been asked to try to size a mini-hack shot of my previous awarded story about "Entangled Talents".

Challenge taken.

For those interested into the starting point details :



It is the occasion to give an update about this "Learning Organization For Tomorrow or LOFT ecosystem.

What is happening to our shopfloor trainers and coaches? Our foot soldiers of skills transmission.

H.R for Holistic Resources.

It was adaptability response when entering the field of corporate universities in the year of 2008...eye of the storm of the global financial crisis."Freefall"  according to Josef Stiglitz's book issued in 2010 and "Triumph of cupid" as the french edition title. 

So the way to face global rapid growth was no longer big money, and we had to say bye-bye to thick walls and cool design theatres for prestigious lecturers and experts.

Adaptabilty can be found into communities building.Easier to say or wrtie than to establish. But cleraly a new HR dynamic.

In 5 years, with one core team member addition per year, we could just disappear. A force of 2012 (the number , not the year) are doing our job, and pushing our limits, for our best surprise.

No less than 6 different communities keep re-inventing knwoledge and know-how transmission beyond  boundaries and silos.

Costs are ridiculously small.

Savings outrageous.

Budget costs were at first a threat.

Can be seen as an opportunity as of today.

Our next adaptative quantum leap suggestion  ? 

Promotion of co-operative intelligence.




Credit NASA.

Our 2007 blueprint for a Learning Organization turned into a very effective adaptive optics set of side by side communities, sensors and captors gathering light and knowledge of our galaxy.

First sets were focusing on operators know-how, and gestures. From basics to essentials.

New sets currently being attached are pointing and higlighting advanced technicians and engineers.

Next on the drawboards (digital tablets of course...) are experts, R&D, kind of more adaptive optics technos-systems of Knowledge Management.One to manage adaptabilty to tacit matter.Some blabk matter too.

Difference with this wonderful picture?  James Webb 18 mirrors sapceTelescope project by NASA had its cost rocketing, almost stopping this so useful and fundamental innovative technology, while we cut our cost by the opposite equivalent magnitude.

Small is beautiful.

At least for adaptability!

Co-Operation of small units allows adapatibilty AND powerful scope and resolution.Recipe for bigger achievements.





HR process being hacked:Learning and Development

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Breaking News : The LOFT program just received on June 25th the award of " Learning / Training as a transformation lever of an organization" in Paris within the so called "Trophée du Capital Humain" (="Human Asset/Capital Trophy").
Event sponsored by HEC (Ivy-League Business School), Michael Page, Monster.com, The National HR Exec association (ANDRH), Le Monde (Political and economical national media group reference) and a couple of advanced and inovative consulting firms.

See : http://www.tropheeducapitalhumain.com/

Adaptability was the striking input highlighted by the diverse jury.

very well deserved ! the award's title itself unveils the power of the approach towards adaptability and organizational transformation...quite an agile demonstration of how innovation in learning changes... Co-operative adaptive company-wide lap with multi-level involvement...

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Thanks for sharing this hack, Frederic. It's inspiring to see how best practice sharing and learning can be distributed laterally across the company, with shop floor employees in the lead. Looking forward to seeing this approach be generalized so others can follow in your footsteps!


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Thank you Michele.I wish it is inspiring.The lateral distribution is to be understood sometimes as a multi-level unexpected exchange.
We are experiencing some unexpected contacts between actors at quite different levels and between business units without any direct connections.
A kind of spaghetti networking, not necessarily long-lasting, sometimes disturbing for the official channel of distribution of validated technical inputs, but of certain value.

co-operative ecosystems in their best form ...challenging teaching complexes and revealing the beyondness of passion at work!

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It sure help to hit 2 birds with the same stone : explicit knowledge, what all working instructions were describing (does not mean many will read it especially when not in a familiar language or exolicit pictures..) , as well as tacit knowledge, little things that are valued in a special context, with a probability lower than the usual case described in the working instruction,...although useful fruit of personal experience.That is to say adaptability within a standard.Frightening as quantic mechanics variations for lean specialists, but a reality case in complex jobs.