Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage


Below you’ll find some tools developed earlier in the hackathon to help you generate high-quality mini hacks.

1. The 12 enemies of adaptability

The goal of this phase in the hackathon is to surface several radical yet practical ideas for overcoming the enemies of adaptability we identified in Sprint 1.2 (e.g., hierarchy, fear, rigid structures, skills deficit).  You can download a 1-page summary of these barriers here.

>> Download PDF >>

2. Adaptability principles and HR processes

When searching for inspiration, you might want to reflect on how to embed the principles we’ve just discussed in Sprint 1.3 (e.g., transparency & openness, experimentation & learning, diversity) into one or more strategic HR processes, such as hiring, performance management, or change management.  Here’s a simple matrix that arrays some of the most strategic HR processes on one axis and a selection of design principles on the other.

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