Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Quick MIX Brainstorm: Defining Adaptability

Earlier in the hackathon Gary shared his definition of adaptability.  Now it's your turn--we'd like your quick input on the most important things that set a truly adaptable organization apart from the rest.  This "Quick MIX" brainstorm is open to all registered participants to the hackathon (register here).  The best contributions earn a chance to be recognized in the hackathon blog, CIPD's on-line site, and  in the social media channels of CIPD, the MIX.

What defines an adaptable organization? Share one crucial principle, characteristic, or element of an adaptable organization. You know your organization's adaptable when. . .

Submitted Ideas

The answer is yes

Idea by Gemma Reucroft on May 2, 2022
'The answer is no, now what is your question?'. How many people have that in your organisation when you suggest something new, innovative or just a little bit risky. Your organisation is adaptable if it is prepared to say yes, to try, take measured risk. You are adaptable if people who challenge are seen as a benefit, and not a pain in the rear.

In an adaptable org, heretical voices are valued, not muzzled

Idea by Michele Zanini on May 1, 2022
Within any organization, it’s usually the malcontents and rebels who are the first to sense the decay of the strategy or business model, and the first to see value in radically different ideas. The most adaptable companies will be those that encourage people to voice viewpoints that aren't in the mainstream.

You know your organization's adaptable when hierarchies are dismantled in favor a collaborative approach to decision making and innovation

Idea by Nigel Barron on May 2, 2022
Email and conference calls support hierarchies that only allow the accepted way of doing things to contribute to the discussion. Adaptable organizations that embrace collaborative ways of making decisions and innovating new goods and services disregard bureaucracy and the status quo, allowing a free flow of information that is communicated to all

adaptive organizations learn

Idea by monique jordan on May 2, 2022
The core of adapting is learning. The core of learning is being open to not knowing. Adaptive organizations learn and leaders are comfortable with not having all the answers and relying (encouraging) their teams to discover, find new ways -- learn

An adapting company = a rebel company

Idea by Christian Jakobsen Petersen on May 2, 2022
An adapting company has no scrutiny in killing off a bad idea or initiativ. There is no rules or legacy to defend. There is internal unity against external threats, but are not shy of internal fights in decision making. The company is a ragged collection of mentally deranged/genius people who, when insync, can take on a monumental task.

Engagement at all levels and an ability to make quick decisions.

Idea by Penny Barratt on May 3, 2022
Adaptable organisations are open to ideas from the grassroots, do not have a blame culture but a learning one and has a CEO who is not driven by ego but results. My experience the flatter the structure, the less geared towards profit, the more inclusive of employees in design, planning & decision making, the more adaptable they are.

An adaptable org inspires and motivates their individuals whilst allow room for false starts

Idea by Robet Walker on May 2, 2022
You know when an organisation is adaptable when their people are allowed the freedom to try new things and make mistakes. The organisation can not be afriad to be adaptable out of fear of mistakes. This environment will only strive to create a pro-active culture.

It does not need management to deliver

Idea by Julien Pascual on May 3, 2022
As you can not anticipate the need for change, you need to create the conditions where there is no need for change. Self adapting structure based on cooperation. Remove the constraints to change. Redefine management, make it an activity that creates the conditions where employees can express their talents, not define for them what to do and how to do it.

Everyone is continuously learning about what is happening in the external environment.

Idea by Frank Calberg on May 3, 2022
What changes, for example technological changes, are happening around us? To find out, I imagine that it would make sense that everyone uses various social media through which he/she can learn about and also try out / experiment with new possibilities that can help increase agility and create added value for more people.

An adaptable organisation sses as much opportunity from change as it does from new customers

Idea by Geoff Spratt on May 3, 2022
An organisation which embraces adaptability, seeks to squeeze every possible opportunity from change so as to continually improve its offering. Listening, understanding and a tenacious attitude to do better are just a few of the required ingredients.

Adaptable organisations manage their culture

Idea by Meg Peppin on May 3, 2022
They spend as much energy on managing culture and relational aspects of work as they do on IT, financial management. Their decision making lens is not all about financial cost.

Your staff make you adaptable

Idea by Katy McAinsh on May 2, 2022
An adaptable organisation is a place that gives teams the autonomy to be able to change when they identify an opportunity. In order to be effective, communication across teams must be strong and the spirit of helping each other to achieve goals. Organisations need to not spend all of their time bogged down in plans so that they can react quickly.

An adaptable organisation is capable of changing, innovating and continuously improving what it does , both in reaction to and anticipation of changing customer needs.

Idea by linda holbeche on May 2, 2022
Organisational adaptability requires people to be willing and able to change, even if they love what they do. For this to happen, people need to feel that they want to do so, usually because they know what's happening, feel a shared sense of purpose and that what they are contributing to is worthwhile.

It's not about the technology, it's about the people

Idea by Kylie Cantwell on May 1, 2022
People respect others as valuable partners - no siloes! - and change becomes opportunity to create, learn, and play. Change entails consulting, communicating, letting others build on the concept, and share the outcomes, - whether it's learning that something doesn't work, or sharing in the pleasure of achievement. Shared vision and values drive results.

dialogue based organization

Idea by Shelly Gordon on May 3, 2022
I see daialogue as the major capability in an adaptable organization. by dialogue I mean the openees and courage to explore differences and sometimes discuss the undiscussable, the ability to sense and make sense, and the ability to improvise and react spontaniously to what is happenning.