Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Quick MIX Brainstorm: Defining Adaptability

Earlier in the hackathon Gary shared his definition of adaptability.  Now it's your turn--we'd like your quick input on the most important things that set a truly adaptable organization apart from the rest.  This "Quick MIX" brainstorm is open to all registered participants to the hackathon (register here).  The best contributions earn a chance to be recognized in the hackathon blog, CIPD's on-line site, and  in the social media channels of CIPD, the MIX.

What defines an adaptable organization? Share one crucial principle, characteristic, or element of an adaptable organization. You know your organization's adaptable when. . .

Submitted Ideas

An adaptable organization has people who are inspired and incented to embrace change

Idea by Chris Grams on May 1, 2022
Organizational adaptability requires an employee community to be open to change. If the culture and incentives aren't aligned toward embracing change and experimentation vs. preserving safety or the status quo, the adaptability efforts will fail.

Ability, motivation and opportunity

Idea by ashley on May 2, 2022
Enough people with the ability- (trained and developed) and motivation (desire and engagement) to use their ability, and being given the oppportunity/empowerment to do so; will result in an organisation that is culturally agile. It will be able to draw on its people to make effective change, with resources, tools, capability and attitude.

Adapt Human Resources

Idea by jerry hoglund on May 3, 2022
Adaptable organizations have the ability to adjust the roles of their human resources to fit the strategic needs of their organization. Few companies I have consulted with have that built into their cultures.

Adaptability is the "freedom to act"

Idea by Stefan Blobelt on May 3, 2022
Adaptability requires changes in static personnel policy and rule systems to work into the "freedom to act"-elasticity required to collectively behave always a little bit more agile than competitors and market participants.

Continuously sensing environmental changes and continuously transforming to deliver Top quartile performance for decades

Idea by Huw Morris on May 2, 2022
An organisation that achieves top quartile performance (compared with peers) for a very extended period by continuously sensing changes in its environment and then transforming by developing the new competencies needed, implementing the changes effectively and withdrawing from the activities that their market no longer adequately values.

Adaptable organisations know the power of internal customer service

Idea by Jane Hirst on May 2, 2022
When everyone in an organisation is fully engaged and knows how their role fits into the bigger picture and the impact or consequence others may face due to their actions, it creates a high level of ownership and responsibility to continually improve. Change and adaptability then become the norm.

It transforms problems into "challenges"

Idea by Guido Rubio Amestoy on May 2, 2022
An adaptable organization doesn't have problems; it only has "challenges". Because the organization could change the "frame of mind" and transformed its problems into "challenges" and could make an actionable and detailed plan on how to go through these challenges.

Dynamic and flexible

Idea by Morgan Edwards on May 2, 2022
Simply put, organizational adaptability is the ability of an organization to make necessary adjustments throughout the company in order to accomodate for the intense dynamism and unpredictability of modern day business environments, allowing the company to stay active and competitive in its market.

there is shared responsibility & courageous conversations at the top.

Idea by Kristin von Donop on May 6, 2022
Each person on the senior team is committed to his/her success; can accurately represent the viewpoints of others on the team; and committed to the organization's success. Courageous conversations surface what is most important; identify solutions in the best interest of the organization; and are transparent about what each person has to give up.

Almost crisis-proof

Idea by Helen Snape on May 2, 2022
When that unexpected major event happens or a star performer is suddenly no longer there, it doesn't lead to a crisis because the organisation has developed its people to be flexible enough, skilled in change management, with succession planning through the core. I am now thinking of a hydra, but in a good way!

Responds, scouts & disrupts

Idea by Marianne Jackson on May 1, 2022
Agility takes more than just responding when changes are obvious. The best organizations scout the environment for trends or emerging forces & act on them. Occasionally, companies have have the unique opportunity to create positive disruption in their World. For those that command that level of agility they are truly leaders.

There are loads of bubbles.

Idea by RICHARD JAMES BARNES on May 2, 2022
Low rule, high interaction culture. Reduce bureaucracy, limit the dead hand of audit and anti-e-policies, whilst encouraging “bubbling”. If you want to know what that is, watch what happens to cold water when it becomes hot. Bubbles are created, merge, dissipate, reform etc. Adaptable oganisations are like that, anti-clique, pro-bubble.

An organization is adaptable when it sustainably co-creates shared value for all stakeholders

Idea by Michael Sonntag on May 3, 2022
Adaptability has to do with long term vitality under changing circumstances. To do this, an organization needs to keep its organizational energy continuously high. This is only possible, when it sustainably co-creates shared value for all involved stakeholders.

Change, Openness to continuous change and improvement is the prevailing mindset with related behaviors visible across the organization's ways of operating.

Idea by TOJO EAPEN on May 3, 2022
Related behaviors are clearly visible in ways of operating across the organization. Leaders clearly role model, champion these - with visible, continuous dialogues. eg.: * Encouraging constructive challenges * Enabling ownership of ideas & allowing the space * Rewarding new ideas/diverse thinking * Tolerating & Learning quickly from failures

An adaptable organization is a service-oriented, real-time connected learning network

Idea by Perry Nouwens on May 5, 2022
It masters the act of shipping products while achieving max. speed of learning. It is designed as an organic network, applying a service-dominant logic, enabling its people to connect in real-time to customers, partners, colleagues. It runs a continuous learning system via rigid experiments, to understand ever changing customer needs and co-create solutions.