Head of Organisational Development at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

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4 years 2 months ago
Yes I think so, Didier, thanks for your explanation. It's a very exciting and fluid concept assuming the day job still gets done as this could become an industry in itself! I'm really not sure it... More
4 years 3 months ago
Hi, found you! Can someone give me an example - sorry but I have to have something tangible to start from. Didier, great start, can you give me some context? How do you know your team is creating ... More
4 years 4 months ago
How do you do that? It's about reaching the paradigm shift between what you are now and what you might be, given the vision to see it. Once you have that (and others have bought into it) it becomes ... More
4 years 4 months ago
It can be hard to know where to start when using design thinking principles. It will almost inevitably lead to better solutions, but only if you can identify the right problem to work on in the first... More
4 years 5 months ago
There are some serious tensions here. Diversity is important, but not everyone will function well in any one organisational structure, including one which has a very loose structure. If agility is d... More
4 years 5 months ago
I am inclined to agree with Hendrik. It is difficult to reach any kind of decision with too big a team, so there is a perceived need for the top management structure to be small and tightly knit ... ... More
4 years 6 months ago
A private sector management consultant once told me that the place to find innovation and creativity is in the public sector, because to manage in this environment you have no choice but to be adapta... More
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