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There has been a lot of work on innovation, and what becomes more important in  open collaborative innovation processes. However, to me, this forms part of a much broader business trend to work more collaboratively. I want to broaden out our thinking about the management of innovation by looking at...

By Paul Sparrow on September 12, 2021
Creativity, innovation, synthesizing ambiguity, re-imagining the possible, and making unexpected connections - all important stuff; all becoming (/is already) business imperative.Finally, all of this
By Sean Schofield on July 17, 2021
This proposal is around the concept of organisations allocating physical space for collaborative working and innovative thinking.
By Sandy Wilkie on July 17, 2021
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 This hack was inspired by the great book by Jonathan Zittrain "The future of the Internet" but is not limited to Internet businesses. Zittrain describe the PC and the Internet as "generativ
 1     TITLE:Challenge CPD Practice with a CPD Reinvention Checklist Outline of initial hackThe profile of continuing professional development is diminis
By Karen Waite on July 17, 2021
This is a multi-dimensional mirror reflection and extension of the co-authored “18 Black Holes” Hack, emerged during Innovating Innovation (In/In) MiX challenge.Therefore it is a live demo of
By Audrey Depeige on July 17, 2021