Hack the MIX Hackathon

Welcome to the Hack the MIX Hackathon!

This hackathon is now over.

Over the past few months, a group of passionate MIX community members took the challenge of helping us develop the next iteration of the MIX. During the initial phase of the hackathon, over 30 people contributed nearly 100 new ideas. These initial contributions were the first step toward making the platform even more compelling, useful, and relevant for an ever-growing group management practitioners around the world. 

Now we’d like to open up the conversation to the entire MIX community.

Below we’ve created categories representing the three key themes that came out of sprint 1:

  Make the MIX a more practical resource

  Empower people to self organize and drive activity on their own

  Improve the MIX site experience

In each category, we’ve included the ideas that came out of the first sprint. For sprint 2, we’d like you to add your thoughts and ideas. By the conclusion of this sprint on April 15:

  1. Read through the ideas in each category and rate them in terms of the value you think they’d bring to the MIX, and add your comments or builds on these ideas.
  1. If you have additional ideas you don’t see represented here, please add your own new ideas. If you don’t think they fit in any of the three categories, add them in the Wildcard category.