Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Sticks and stones!

By Paul Deemer on June 24, 2022

Hacking Team

They say - don't they - that reputation counts for everything? Well - don't we know it! "So - what do you do Paul?" I would get asked. I used to be proud to announce "I'm a human resources manager". And people used to respond positively. Not now!

"Oh - you mean human remains!" is a common response. Or, "Oh, hopeless redundancies!". Or, "(Un(helpful) recruitment!". Or - which is more common now - "Oh - what do you think of this weather we're having?"

We are losing the reputational battle - and we need to do something about it! I don't think this is a job for the branding experts either. This is one that we all need to take on - and which the CIPD needs to lead. But - like all efforts to break bad habits - we need to first of all acknowlege the problem. Sit down, look ourselves firmly in the mirror - and say "Paul (if that's your name!) - what does being a HR professional mean to you? What do you stand for? What are you trying to achieve and what do you want to contribute to your organisation?"

Sticks and stones can break reputations - look at estate agents and politicians and journalists and..... Do we want to be next in line?



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michele-zanini_4's picture

Hi Paul, thanks for sharing this... curious to hear how you would answer the very important questions you outlined in your mini-hack. What do you think being an HR professional mean to you? What are you trying to achieve?

Perhaps we could use this hackathon as an opportunity to write a new "manifesto" for HR?



Good idea Michele! Being a HR professional to me means integrity, striving for excellence and helping to improve the psychological contract between employer and employee. I am trying to achieve creating workplaces where employees feel valued and employers feel they are allowing those employees to achieve their full potential in a way which maximises the benefits for their clients. How about you?