The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

A responsibility-based organization is the answer to break up monolithic structures.

By Agustin Jimenez on July 9, 2021

A responsibility-based organization is where collaborators (employees) can choose in a flexible and voluntary way the responsibilities they want to assume, based on their own competences, capabilities and tastes. When flexibility is the norm, job titles and hierarchies become irrelevant. Under this model, working time, working load, remuneration, leadership and recognition depend on the level of responsibility each collaborator assumes, which is determined by a weighted average. If an employee does not exercise in a satisfactory manner one of his/her responsibilities in a certain period of time, for example, three months in a row, he/she loses this responsibility and the related rights and privileges.

First Steps 

- Organize the operation in terms of self-managing teams.
- Determine the results each team should be responsible.
- Define the method to define the responsibility level.
- Let the team members choose the responsibilities that each one wants to assume.
- Follow up, evaluation and feedback.

You can use a cloud app or a software to facilitate this process and streamline it.

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