Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Moonshot Market

By Sean Schofield on June 21, 2022

The core challenge is to let energy be the currency for access to engage in executing pertinent ideas. I.e., freedom to work on what gets people excited, whilst ensuring alignment.

If the MIX is any indication, there are many people out there with lots of hunches, dreams, and a whack of curiousity about how to think and do things differently.

So, what if you could take the corner-of-the-desk, napkin drawing, moonshot into a publicly visible forum - a moonshot market so to speak - and have folks volunteer to get involved. A sort of MIX meets Kickstarter meets TedX-event type mash-up.

By "folks", I primarily mean employees, but it could be possible to involve other people too; from the community or from "competitors" (i.e., a competitor in one space may be a partner in another), or students from colleges/universities, etc.

If you have x% time (e.g., 3M 10%, Google 20%), it could be part of that. Otherwise, perhaps you could barter your time. "I'll help you with X idea for Y period of time, and in exchange, you do something comparable for me."

You only need to worry about alignment if the investment is meaningful. I.e., a few hours here and there are unlikely to be a determental use of time (I'd argue the opposite). If substantial investment of time is require, then some light guidelines could be appropriate. I'd emphasize light. Nothing kills energy like inflexible conditions.

In theory, this could also connect with employee development plans helping individuals to realize and leverage their strengths, engage in meaningful work, and express their creativity.


As an 'almost aside'...

The future of work may mean that employers are not simply a means of "having a job" but rather, organizations become platforms through which opportunity to engage in work is enabled - either with that particular organization, or another, or for a community, or a blend. Membership (employment) is then more about a mutual partnership, or alliance, of achievement where contribution is exchanged for meaningful compensation (independent from time, or 1:1 working relationships). Visible (physical or virtual) markets or bazaars or "spaces" to connect, are probably a key vehicle for this.

HR process being hacked:Talent Deployment

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Hi Sean, energy and resonance are hugely important in both collaborating (simply working together) to make great things happen and creating meaning and security in our own lives as individuals.

These are fundamental aspects of my work and I look forward to evolving this hack with you guys to help others find where they are most needed and manage their time across a range of meaningful collaborations.

Great mini hack - especially like the involvement of others as well as the future of work. I was thinking similarly when I entered my mini hack (Solve It Forward) and would like to apply my thinking to helping you build yours out further. Thus, I joined as a member of your hacking team. Looking forward to the experience!

When an employer looks at his employees as co-creators of value that his organization wants to provide a given market, then genuine partnership between them can ensue. The corporation as a legal structure can allow itself to become an effective vehicle for such partnership (e.g. corporate partnership). A true sense of ownership of work being carried out by employees and a strong sense of institutional identification will manifest as a logical offshoot of such relationsihip.