Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Marketing & Psychology Skills for HR - The principle of PULL not PUSH

By Heidi De Wolf on June 28, 2022

Reading through the questions on the 'Embedding Adaptability' Tool, there is a principle that should be applied to several of the answers and that is PULL.

It is a marketing technique that relies on pulling consumers in through the use of values rather than pushing products to consumers. Within HR this can apply to L&D, Talent Management, Recruitment, Performance and Capability etc. The future organisation is likely to use more transient staffing as organisations need to be adaptable responding to the needs of their customers. If you were to advertise the values and outcomes of a project rather then a job description or role for that matter, would it not attract people with a passion, autonomous (self-driven) to make a difference and willing to collaborate with others?

Another marketing technique which HR may value is the concept of NUDGE, primarily in the area of Performance Management. Nudge works with people's instinctual behaviours.

In my native country Belgium, and more specifically in Ghent, students cycle into school on designated bike paths next to a grassy verge. The grassy verges were a magnet for litter, but the Council were keen not to punish the cyclists as it may discourage this healthy habit. Instead they erected large butterfly nets at the height of a basketball net (see image below). Why? Students instinctually love competion and their natural behaviour was to throw litter. The nets are now used by the students as a competative game on the way to school, meaning all the litter is captured in one place.

The first few weeks some students kept missing the nets, however the litter was still focussed in one place. Within a month however students had perfected the art of 'scoring' and very few pieces were found around the nets.

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