Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage

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Governance That Adapts

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Why is HR not more actively involved in reinventing governance? It should be. If the marketplace changes faster than organizations can adapt, then impediments to speed of adaptation would be a great source for HR to add tremendous value. HR could be at the table defining purpose, roles and processes including fast-cycle adaptation so that as the market changes and purpose evolves, so do roles and processes. Eliminating hierarchy is much more than flattening the organization. It involves fundamentally rethinking governance - how decisions get made, how resources get allocated and how organization capabilities get built and rebuilt at the speed of the marketplace. I don't hear enough HR leadership "in the mix" (sorry Gary) on this critical issue of organization. The hack I am suggesting is for HR leaders and the discipline of HR generally to become fluent fast in the new praxis of adaptible governance. Holocracy One is one of several great examples where thought leadership in this area is happening.

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