The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)
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Defining every bodies role in the information process sets the foundation for the appropriate development and the use of the information once deliverd.

Open access to all real time information must be based on the main processes of the organization. The first step is normally to define the KPI's on the various processes and make them visual to the co-workers in such a process. The next step is to give every body the right to ameliorate a process in witch he performs a task, in a way thats established that the best trade off is found taken into account all considerations that surround such a process. The first is a technological question, the second is the real issue open access doesn't mean people are going to use that access unless they see their own role in the process of ongoing amelioration of the organization. This means that performance amelioration should be an evaluation issue for every body. Defining the information needed en monitoring the progress made in every aspect of ones own role and the performance of the organization should be every bodies concern.
A bottom-up approach will probably less integral at first but will grow organically with new insides and technology.
A lot of things people have open access to are not valuated, so first develop the sense of value.

First Steps 

Start with defining the expectations of personal and team related performance development and the role information plays in that process. In such a way creating an information development approach thats based on the contribution of every body in the organization and preventing you from delivering an information no one uses.

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