The Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon

Phase 3: Ideas for Busting Bureaucracy (Part 1)

Adaptable Systems

By Erwin Pfuhler on June 13, 2022

Up to now, too many systems we use have too rigid structures. Don't get me wrong. There is still a need for a basic structure, but there is so much beyond it with free floating information, which does not fit in a predefined structure. E.g. CRM systems focus on one sales methodology. There is the chance for big data. Give us access to any information, which is available and in a snap we have a complete overview of our customer. When we work on a project, there could be information from the news included in the dashboard for the client, or Tweeds or Facebook comments and so on. Each time we talk to our clients we know what is going on in their world and offer a solution.

First Steps 

Start imagining you have all the information you want and need.
Then ask where could it come from and how.
Finally what needs to be changed in the work we know it today, where is the delta between dream and reality.
This is then the first step for action.

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